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<<Please read the Below before Submitting your Buy order!>>



Magic The Gathering! English Bulk Rates!

$2 PER 1000 Commons & Uncommons | .05 Rare | .025 Mythic  


All submission must be addressed to

Game Nation

4914A Yonge Street

North York, ON M2N 5N5 Canada


At Game Nation we purchase all collections from the largest o the smallest. If you do not see any cards on our buy list feel free to contact us via email or phone 647-222-5759.

Oddities and old cards not listed can be brought in to Game Nation to be appraised.


Handle Time

We ask for a 24 hour time period/1 business day to answer all submitted or emailed requests.

Condition Buying

Please note that all buy list prices are for 1st Edition cards. Payment options can be PayPal, Cash or Store Credit (Instore/Online Credit) PayPal transactions will be sent via goods and services.


Yu-Gi-Oh! / Pokemon! Damaged or Played Conditions/Non-American Print Cards - 

We do not purchase any damaged or played cards. Any damaged or creased cards or played cards received will not be counted as part of your evaluation. You may contact us on further details to receive any cards not purchased. Cards not accepted based on Conditions will be returned at the customers expense.

Yu-Gi-Oh! : Any card with “A, E, AE or OR” beside the set number or any Card with Asian English print (Japanese Yu-Gi-Oh! On the back) will not be accepted.



When shipping collections/or cards we ask all the cards to be put inside a deck box and then in a bor or padded envelope. Game Nation does not cover costs of shipping.

We advise to track all items shipped to Game Nation as we are not liable for any lost items. Once shipped please send us an email of tracking and confirmation.


Store Credit

We provide a 25% more in-store trade credit on all non-bulk collections for Magic The Gathering! And Yu-Gi-Oh! Store-Credit can be used on singles and TCG product.

Game Nation reserves the right to either cancel and return any order at the owners expense should it not fit our guidelines.


As pricing for cards can fluctuate Game Nation reserves the right to alter the buy list even after submission.



Below will be steps for submitting your buy list! 




  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard